Call for Membership Applications for the IGSN e.V.

Sept 2016. The International Implementation Organization for the IGSN (IGSN e.V.) invites applications for new members. The IGSN e.V. offers two types of memberships:

  • Full membership: Organizations that wish to run their own IGSN allocating service need to apply for full membership.
  • Affiliate membership: Organizations who have an interest in the purpose and objectives of the IGSN Implementation Organization can apply for affiliate membership to serve in an advisory function and retain the right to attend the IGSN e.V. General Assembly.

NOTE: In order to get and use IGSNs, you do not have to be a member of the IGSN e.V. If you want to assign IGSNs to your samples, simply get a user account with one of the IGSN Allocating Agents and register your sample metadata. To see a list of currently operating Allocating Agents, please see

Membership applications are due by November 15th, 2016
Membership applications will be reviewed by the IGSN e.V. members and voted on by the IGSN e.V. General Assembly on December 11, 2016, in San Francisco, CA. More information about membership and how to apply can be found at
Please contact if you have any questions.

More information about the IGSN (International Geo Sample Number) is available at: