Call for Membership Applications to the IGSN Implementation Organization

Oct 2014. The International Implementation Organization for the IGSN (IGSN e.V.) invites applications for new members before its next General Assembly in December 2014. The IGSN Implementation Organization operates the international IGSN registration service, and implements and promotes standard methods to locate, identify, and cite physical samples with confidence.

Membership in the IGSN Implementation Organization is open to organizations who wish to run their own IGSN allocating service. Organizations who have an interest in the purpose and objectives of the IGSN Implementation Organization (but do not plan to become an IGSN allocating agent) are welcome as Affiliate Members with an advisory function and the right to attend the General Assembly. The amount and due date of annual membership fees will be determined by the General Assembly. The membership fee is currently 500 euros per year.

Membership applications are due by November 30, 2014, to allow time for review before the General Assembly at the Fall AGU.

An informational session on the IGSN will also be held at the Fall AGU on Sunday, December 14, at 4pm, location TBD. Please RSVP for this informational session at

More information about the IGSN (International Geo Sample Number) is available at: