It is not unusual for male Hollywood stars to date, as well as wed, an individual who is considerably more youthful. But a mom-of-two from Denmark states there is a stigma attached to
older women that date younger males

Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, talked to

about the woman connection together with her sweetheart, Kasper Borum, a 23-year-old student. Despite “looking and experiencing more youthful,” Tina continues to be at the mercy of judgment from others who presume Kasper provides “mommy problems.”

However the company individual insists the woman date does not count on this lady to supply above a fair share of house labor or emotional assistance.

Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, and sweetheart Kasper Borum, that is 18 decades her junior.

An Oakland College
unveiled younger individuals condemn interactions where the guy is older—more than elderly people. The 2018 learn also unveiled that “woman-older relationships get lower third-party score of acceptability.”

Tina and Kasper described that visitors often believe their unique relationship is actually transactional.

“most of the time it’s wealthy old guys with young girls, they feel one should end up being wealthy that’s why these are typically within the relationship—but there are a lot people that are in an age-gap commitment live a standard life,” Tina, who is from Copenhagen, mentioned.

“if it is an adult man with a more youthful woman it isn’t problematic. But out of the blue, if a younger guy wants more mature women, then he is accused having ‘mommy issues.’ I never select me mothering him, if such a thing, the guy looks down for my situation a lot more while he features even more spare time,” she stated.

Tina claimed they separated the bill normally, but she does address Kasper every single other thirty days.

She stated: “Kasper hasn’t got the exact same amount of cash as me because he could be a finance pupil. But i enjoy venture out for nice food and so sometimes i’ll shell out more. Really don’t care about anyway.”

Kasper, that is from Aarhus, Denmark, told

: “we think i am contained in this union for money. But that isn’t correct. I will pay for me, incase some body covers myself I do feel bad regarding it.”

Kasper Borum, 23, and Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, started online dating in January 2022.


A current Ipsos
revealed that 60 percent of 1,005 People in america interviewed believe that it is appropriate for a female as of yet someone 10-plus decades younger than her. The poll unearthed that physical attractiveness and open-mindedness are leading detected benefits of online dating younger, while mental readiness and monetary independence are top seen great things about online dating earlier.

“I have never been in an age-gap commitment prior to,” stated Kasper, “but We have constantly enjoyed earlier ladies. There have been two huge variations when you compare relationships with some one my personal get older in addition to any i’ve with Tina.

“formerly, I felt like I found myself being held right back when I workout five to six days weekly which uses up considerable time which means this was problematic. Whereas Tina accepts it and doesn’t get jealous or succeed problems. I have found ladies my personal get older overthink a lot more when I have-been implicated of going toward gymnasium to get fitness chicks that i did not have any idea existed.

Pair Kasper Borum, 23, and Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, said they are evaluated by trolls due to their get older difference.


“Another huge difference will be the maturity, earlier females have more life experiences so they are far more positive and unfazed by other people’s opinions and so I really value that.”

Tina stated she divorced her ex-husband in 2018 and downloaded the internet dating application Tinder. She was given “lots of provides from more youthful guys and discovered it fascinating.”

“at first, Kasper and that I started speaking on Tinder for some fun. But then we understood there is so much in common, particularly our love of life and also the gymnasium. We spoke for just one month before meeting upwards. I check him as individuals versus pay attention to their get older.

“My personal priority ended up being my personal kiddies as my child is only eight many years more youthful than him. But she thinks it’s cool and likes that he’s younger while he can relate genuinely to many things.

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“my pals happened to be amazed, however now they notice it as typical.”

The happy couple provides since come to be a winner on the internet and generally goes viral. Listed here is a
video clip
captioned: “me personally vs my personal sweetheart in 1999.”

Kasper added: “My personal gf looks younger than the woman is, so I do not think men and women stare much. Just in case they are doing, I don’t see it. However if I cared about other people’ viewpoints, i mightn’t take an age-gap commitment.”

“my pals are open-minded many provided me with a high five whenever I showed them Tina. My family is pretty various about any of it. Dad laughed whenever I informed him the woman age, but my mother, that is 13 decades more than Tina, hasn’t acknowledged it.”

While this pair could not end up being more happy, an age-gap commitment does have the troubles. Dating expert
Emyli Lovz
does not advise an age difference of 10-plus many years when someone is seeking a “lifelong spouse.”

She told

: “this is because the reference factors will be really different. An individual who existed through Sep 11th, eg, will have essential research things from that period that someone just who don’t wont realize.

“The same goes for musical tastes, movie recommendations, along with other essential compatibility facets, which makes it hard to understand each other totally. Over the years, these variations causes a failure inside connection. But if someone isn’t trying to find long-term, then age-gap interactions could make feeling.”

Tina Kubinska Slott, 41, and Kasper Borum, 23, wish their own tale normalizes age-gap interactions.


Tina admitted that the pair often provides “different views and opinions” as a result of the age gap.

“i actually do have significantly more life experience,” she mentioned, “therefore sometimes i will tell him the way I view it from my perspective. I do believe he learns from myself when I convey more life experience but i’ve in addition learned from him.

“they have taught me you do not need to take life as well seriously, occasionally he will get myself up and out of our home accomplish some thing enjoyable instead of house duties.

“we never ever end him from becoming youthful and always convince him to own fun.

“we never keep him back and prevent him from doing any such thing he desires do.”

At the same time, the earlier individual in an age-gap relationship should fight “giving information when unprompted,” based on Lovz.

“you will need to avoid producing statements about how exactly you might think their life should go. And stay away from doing things for him which he can do himself. Because you’re older doesn’t mean the guy must follow inside footsteps. He’s his or her own guy and should be given the independence and respect in order to make his personal decisions, even if you be aware of the effects might not be perfect. That is essential him to possess.”

Improve 11/04/22, 12:31 p.m. ET: this particular article had been updated to feature a video from Tina’s TikTok profile.