A new name, a new role for the IGSN Organization and Identifier

The IGSN e.V. Executive Committee announces the new name of the IGSN e.V.: International Generic Sample Number Organization e.V. The new name was approved by the IGSN e.V. General Assembly. The IGSN ID will now be called the International Generic Sample Number to reflect its expanding scope and utilization. Through the partnership between the IGSN e.V. and DataCite, IGSN IDs can now be registered through DataCite and used in any discipline to identify physical objects. The technical documentation of the registration process can be found on the DataCite support pages.

The mission of the IGSN e.V. is to provide guidance on best practices and standards for FAIR samples across disciplines. FAIR samples follow the principles of findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable research resources.

IGSN is a globally unique and persistent identifier for material samples.

Samples are a basic element for reference, study, and experimentation in many scientific disciplines, especially in

    • natural and environmental sciences
    • material sciences
    • agriculture
    • physical anthropology
    • archaeology
    • biomedicine

IGSN e.V. Executive Board

The IGSN e.V. Executive Board is made up of three elected positions, and one ex officio member.  They are elected at the General Assembly Meetings, and serve a term of two years.  Information about the the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Board can be found in the IGSN e.V. Statutes.

Current IGSN e.V. Executive Board

Elected at the 2020 General Assembly meeting

  • President – Kerstin Lehnert
  • Vice President (Deputy President) – Jens Klump
  • Vice President (Treasurer) – Ulrich Harms
  • Manager (ex officio member)  – TBD