Types of Membership


The IGSN e.V. offers two types of membership:

  • Full Membership is offered to organizations who wish to allocate IGSN names and commit to use the Registration Agency of IGSN in their capacity as allocating agents. Full Members should be actively working with data centres for the purpose of issuing IGSNs and are expected to attend the General Assembly meeting. Full members are expected to pay an annual membership.
  • Affiliate Membership is offered to organizations who have an interest in the purposes of the IGSN e.V. as defined in the statutes, but who will not use the Registration Agency of IGSN as allocating agents. Affiliate Members take on an advisory function and have the right to attend the General Assembly.

How to Become a Member of the IGSN e.V.


Organizations interested in becoming members of the Association must apply in writing to the Executive Board by writing to info@igsn.org. The application should contain the following information:
    • purpose and non-profit status of the organization (for full membership);
    • reason for applying to become an IGSN Allocating Agent;
    • targeted audience of the Allocating Agent;
    • use of allocated IGSNs (object types);
    • technical and organizational infrastructure to set up the Allocating Agent.

The Executive Board will refer the application to the General Assembly who decides on the membership application.

Full members are charged an annual membership fee, which is determined by the General Assembly. To learn more, please see the IGSN e.V. Statutes.

For questions and membership application, please contact info@igsn.org

Membership in the IGSN e.V. is not required to obtain IGSNs.  See our Resources page for more information.