A new name, a new role for the IGSN Organisation and Identifier

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The objective of the IGSN e.V. is to implement and promote standard methods for identifying, citing, and locating physical samples with confidence by operating an international IGSN registration service.

In addition to the tool on the right, you can resolve an IGSN by entering the string, ‘http://igsn.org/’, followed by your IGSN, in your web browser.  For example, http://igsn.org/AU1243 will lead to the metadata profile page for IGSN ‘AU1243’, which is hosted at http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/sample/AU1243

Use of IGSNs ensures that regardless of how the webs service changes over time (i.e. the metadata profile page URL changes) you can still resolve to the correct webpage for a sample metadata profile.

Enter an IGSN in the box above to ‘resolve’ to the sample metadata profile page.